Airports Capital Assistance Program

The Airports Capital Assistance Program (ACAP) has been funding improvement projects for regional airports since 1995. To date, the Government has invested more than $736 million for 848 projects at 176 airports.

In addition to supporting personal travel and tourism, smaller regional airports provide:

  • essential air services, including air ambulance, search and rescue, and forest fire response
  • scheduled and charter air services that link communities to regional, national, and international markets for goods and services
  • commercial air services (e.g., aerial photography and flying schools)
  • corporate aircraft and general aviation

Although regional airports play an essential role in Canada’s air transportation sector, they can struggle to raise enough revenue for operations. ACAP addresses this issue by funding projects that:

  • improve regional airport safety
  • protect airport assets (e.g., equipment and runways)
  • reduce operating costs

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