Pilotage Act Review

On May 31, 2017, the Government of Canada announced that Marc Grégoire had been selected to Chair the Review of the Pilotage Act. This Review will support the delivery of safe, efficient and environmentally responsible marine pilotage services into the future. It is also part of the Government’s comprehensive Oceans Protection Plan.

Scope and mandate of the Review

The Review aims to modernize the Pilotage Act while keeping elements that support Canada’s excellent pilotage safety record.

The Review will be led by Mr. Marc Grégoire and supported by Transport Canada.

The Review will address a wide range of topics under six themes, drawn from advice that stakeholders provided in recent consultations. Topics will include service delivery, governance, dispute resolution and safety.

Message from the chair

The Minister of Transport Canada picked me to chair the Pilotage Act Review. My job is to work with Canadians interested in the Review and to listen to your advice and opinions.

I am proud to take on this role and I look forward to working with you to improve the Pilotage Act.

Contact the Pilotage Act Review

Your written comments are a very important to us and we will use them as we work on the Review this fall and winter. Please send your submissions, comments or questions to TC.pilotageactreview-examendelaloisurlepilotage.TC@tc.gc.ca by October 30, 2017

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