Apply for ACAP funding

The Airports Capital Assistance Program (ACAP) funds improvement projects for local and regional airports and aerodromes.

To receive funding, applicants must show that their project is needed to meet the required level of safety.

Eligibility for funding

Airports that can get funding under this program:

  • are not owned or operated by the Government of Canada
  • meet federal certification requirements
  • offer year-round commercial passenger service with a minimum of 1,000 passengers per year*
  • serve less than 525,000 passengers per year

*If an airport is termed “remote” under the National Airports Policy, the 1,000 passenger per year minimum does not apply.

A registered aerodrome may be eligible if it is close to certification, and your proposed project will bring it up to certification. We assess this kind of eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

Restrictions on eligibility

The program will only fund safety projects for commercial passenger services if they are year-round and have regular schedules.

We don’t fund capital infrastructure projects that aren’t safety-related, such as:

  • buying land
  • doing feasibility, planning or zoning studies
  • expanding facilities*

*We’ll only consider funding expansion projects if you can show that current facilities put safety at risk.

We don’t fund projects that have already been started or completed.

What you need to know before you start

We consider applications in order of the priorities below. Review this information before applying to understand which priority your project falls under. You must select an application form based on your project’s type and priority.

Priority 1: projects to rehabilitate airside facilities or buy equipment for aircraft rescue and firefighting, such as:

  • runways, taxiways and aprons
  • lighting for runway, taxiway and apron lighting
  • visual aids
  • sand storage sheds
  • aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicles and equipment
  • aircraft rescue and firefighting equipment shelters

Priority 2: projects to buy heavy mobile equipment, such as:

  • runway snow blowers
  • runway snow plows
  • runway sweepers and spreaders
  • winter friction testing devices
  • mobile equipment shelters*

* Please contact the ACAP for information on mobile equipment shelter projects.

Priority 3: projects to improve the safety of air terminals, such as:

  • improving sprinkler systems
  • removing asbestos
  • creating barrier-free access

How to apply

To apply for funding:

  1. Choose a form for the type and priority of project you’re proposing:
  2. Fill out the form. Attach any supporting documents.
  3. Submit your form and documents by email or mail.


    Director, Authorities Stewardship
    Transport Canada
    Air and Marine Programs
    330 Sparks Street
    Place de Ville, Tower C
    Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0N5

  4. Send your application no later than April 1 for funding in the next program year. For example, applications received before April 1, 2018 are eligible for funding in 2019-20.

We’ll consider applications we receive after April 1 for the following program year.

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