Safety recalls, notices, and testing for child car seats

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You can search here for recalls, notices, and research or testing related to the safety of child car seats and booster seats. You will also find regulations for the manufacture and sale of child car seats.

If you believe your child car seat has an unreported defect related to safety, you can file a complaint using the link on this page.

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Recalls database

Child car seat and booster seat recalls are listed – along with vehicle and tire recalls – in the Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls Database. You will need to note the manufacturer and model of your seat to search the database.

Filing safety-related defect complaints

To find out what is considered to be a safety-related defect, read about the defect complaint form.

To report a safety-related defect with a  car seat or booster seat:

Safety notices

Transport Canada publishes two kinds of notices about car seats and booster seats. These notices will tell you: if there is a problem with your seat; what you need to do to have your seat fixed; or will tell you about safe consumer use:

  • A Public Notice is published to inform the public when products do not comply with regulations or have a defect.
  • A Consumer Information Notice is published to inform the public when there is a general problem with a product that does not relate to regulations, or to a defect. Some notices warn consumers about unsafe practises with child car seats.

Recent Notices:

These are the most recently published Public or Consumer Information Notices:

Safety testing and research

Transport Canada does not rate, endorse, or approve car seats and booster seats.

Transport Canada conducts audits and testing to ensure regulations and standards are being followed by manufacturers. Transport Canada investigates testing failures, inspection failures, and public complaints about safety defects.

Transport Canada also conducts testing and research into how well car seats and booster seats protect children in accidents, and whether consumers are following safe practises.

To read results of research and testing or view test videos related to child car seats, see:

To find out more about how testing is done, see Child car seat compliance testing.

Regulations affecting car seats and booster seats

Transport Canada develops and enforces the following regulations under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act:

Health Canada develops and enforces the following regulations under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act:

While Transport Canada regulates the manufacture of child car seats and booster seats, Health Canada regulates the importation, advertisement and sale of seats.

Provincial and territorial governments regulate and enforce the use of child car seats by the public.

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