The Transport Canada Portfolio

Within the Government of Canada, the Minister of Transport is responsible for the activities of Transport Canada, 12 Crown corporations, an Agency, a Tribunal and two funds.

42 Shared Governance Organisations also fall under the portfolio of Transport and include:

  • 18 Port Authorities
  • 21 Airport Authorities
  • the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority
  • the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation

These are corporate entities without share capital for which Canada, either directly or through a Crown corporation, has a right pursuant to statutes, articles of incorporation, letters patent, by-laws or any contractual agreement to appoint or nominate one or more members to the governing body. These organisations do not report to Parliament

The graphic below provides an overview of all entities for which the Minister is responsible.

The following Crown corporations report to Parliament through the Minister of Transport:

The Transport Canada portfolio also includes:

Why are these organizations all grouped together? Since they share many of the same issues, they can work to:

  • make the economy stronger;
  • keep our transportation system safe and secure;
  • protect the environment; and
  • improve the quality of life in our cities and communities.

A shared response saves time and money. It also helps people working in these areas see the big picture: how one decision can affect other parts of our lives.

For example, when funding new highways Transport Canada thinks about how new roads will affect the cities and towns they run near or through. Departmental officials consider questions like the following:

  • Will industry move here and create jobs since the highway makes it easy to get products to the marketplace?
  • How can we create less pollution when we move more goods and people through the area?

It also means that the Government of Canada can work as a close partner with provinces, territories, cities and other groups.

  • This helps our economy. Shared projects and programs create or protect jobs, and help move people and products across the country and around the world.
  • It protects our environment. More research into, support for and promotion of public transit (buses, trains, carpools) and fuel-efficient vehicles will make our air cleaner.
  • It improves our quality of life. Shared projects that build and maintain safe and secure roads, bridges, ports, airports and railways, as well as community centres, and water and wastewater treatment plants, make life better.
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