Aviation Maintenance Regulations and Oversight

Description of the Initiative

To more effectively account for the realities of smaller aviation maintenance operations and their capacity to meet regulatory requirements, Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) will review quality assurance requirements for aviation maintenance operations. In doing this, it will ensure that a performance-based approach is applied for businesses and clear guidance is given in terms of expectations, particularly as it relates to the size of the operation.

How will Red Tape be reduced?

Red tape will be reduced through the use of a proposed action plan designed to help reduce the administrative burden for approved maintenance organizations (AMOs) by providing them with guidance on how to develop quality assurance programs that are appropriate for the size and complexity of their operations. It is expected that smaller organizations will be able to develop more streamlined and efficient quality systems that accomplish the compliance objectives of the performance based regulation and do not contain unnecessary layers of self-imposed administrative work. This should result in systems that require less time for AMOs to develop and maintain.

How will business benefit?

Business will benefit in the following ways:

  • an improved service orientation, which would manifest itself as a consistency of regulatory application;
  • increased clarity of quality assurance requirements;
  • improved guidance availability for small businesses to develop compliant and efficient systems, easing regulatory oversight burden along with business administrative burden;
  • cost savings through the refinement of other internal systems audited by a more effective quality assurance program; and
  • improved quality of stakeholder engagements with TCCA inspectors as it will lead to standardized interpretation of quality assurance requirements for both the inspectorate and AMO certificate holders.

Who are the participating Departments?

Transport Canada

What are the implementation milestones?


  • Perform a regulatory review of existing quality assurance requirements for AMOs to ensure that the performance-based regulations are comprehensive and specific enough to provide certificate holders with a clear understanding of TCCA’s expectations.
  • begin regulatory amendment process as required.


  • Develop and publish guidance material geared to small and medium sized AMOs that give clear and specific information regarding acceptable means of compliance with regards to quality assurance requirements,
  • Develop and deliver an awareness campaign that will provide quality assurance guidance and communication to small and medium sized AMOs, helping them better understand the regulatory requirements and easing their certification and on-going compliance with the CAR.

What are the performance indicators?

  1. Degree to which small AMOs feel they understand QA expectations: Transport Canada Civil Aviation will measure such understanding through responses received from a survey that will be distributed to all small AMOs.
  2. Degree to which small AMOs feel they have appropriate guidance to develop and implement an efficient QA program: Through a series of activities such as Aviation Safety Letter articles, workshops and presentations at industry associations, Transport Canada Civil Aviation will measure, via a survey distributed to all small AMOs, the degree of satisfaction on guidance being offered.

For more information

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