Streamlining the Exemption Applications Process under the Motor Vehicle Transport Act

Description of the Initiative

To provide businesses with greater certainty and predictability through reasonable timelines and service standards, Transport Canada (TC) will streamline its processing of exemptions under the Motor Vehicle Transport Act. The Motor Vehicle Transport Act allows the Minister to issue an exemption to any provision of this Act or its regulations.

How will Red Tape be reduced?

Red tape will be reduced by streamlining the process for the consideration of exemption applications, under the Motor Vehicle Transport Act by developing expedited timelines for all applicants, by reducing the number of steps in processing, improved guidelines (greater clarity) to applicants, and establishing service standards not currently in place. The Department will also obtain greater applicant engagement to ensure that applicants are able to implement the terms and conditions that would be established in any exemption.

How will business benefit?

Business will benefit through a reduction in the burden to applicants (e.g. small businesses) and from the shift to an assessment process that is appropriate to the size, scope and risk profile of the applicant. As a result, businesses will experience a reduction in cost.

Improved guidelines (e.g. greater clarity) will provide a clear understanding of the level of information and detail required in an application, thus allowing business to spend less time completing paperwork and more time growing their business.

Streamlining the government assessment procedures also reduces the time that applicants wait for a decision by the government concerning their application. Furthermore, providing service standards, where appropriate, would assist the applicant to better plan for and understand the timelines that make up the assessment process. With this knowledge the business is better able to prepare the resource allocation needed to complete what is required.

Who are the participating Departments?

Transport Canada

What are the implementation milestones?

2012-2013 – Revised exemption procedures were implemented on July 17, 2012 and can be found in the Directive for the Issuance of Exemptions from the Regulatory Requirements Pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Transport Act.Service Standards were also implemented in December 2012 and they can be found on Transport Canada’s Service Standards web page.

2013-2014 – follow up assessments/ review with applicants. This is an ongoing activity with applicants.

What are the performance indicators?

Reduced burden to applicants. This will be discussed with applicants as appropriate.

For more information

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