Transport Canada Service Improvement Team Strategy

Description of the Initiative

Transport Canada will design a new 1-day training course on service and professionalism for regulatory safety and security inspectors. Transport Canada recognizes that excellence in service delivery contributes to the government’s goals and produces high levels of client satisfaction. The department has a comprehensive long term service improvement strategy in place that covers a number of areas including the development of various new service standards, service excellence training for employees, and Internet improvements.

How will Red Tape be reduced?

The Red Tape Reduction Commission Recommendations Report noted that regulatory inspection, audit and enforcement duties must always be done in a respectful and courteous manner. From what the commission heard this was not always the case.

The new training course will provide inspectors with service-related “soft skills” and improve the department’s ability to offer professional services to clients in a regulatory environment. In 2010 the department launched a national Service Charter for all employees. This training course will build on the principles of respect and courtesy highlighted by the Service Charter and will be designed to foster a common understanding of quality service. In addition, the training will explore service expectations and priorities in a regulatory environment, and provide instruction on how to deliver difficult messages with professionalism.

How will business benefit?

Business will benefit by receiving standardized, professional service delivery across Canada, with increased client awareness. The department will design, develop and implement the training course for regulatory inspections. The client will not incur any costs associated with this initiative.

Who are the participating Departments?

Transport Canada, in partnership with the Canada School of Public Service.

What are the implementation milestones?

2012/2013 - Needs analysis, consultation and design

2013/2014 - Development of training material, translation, and pilot project

2014/2015 - Communications, Implementation and Evaluation

What are the performance indicators?

The following performance measures will be used to gauge the success of this initiative:

  • There are approximately 1,800 inspectors at Transport Canada. 50% of regulatory safety and security inspectors will have completed the 1-day course by March 31, 2015.
  • High satisfaction ratings on course evaluations that will help indicate a culture shift.

For more information

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