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Canada is recognized as having one of the most successful and safest civil aviation programs in the world. Transport Canada works with many partners both here at home and around the world to protect and maintain our air safety and security record, and to make air travel more environmentally responsible.

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 I am an air passenger


Air transportation has become an increasingly important mode of travel in the lives of many Canadians. Transport Canada has a variety of information and resources for airline passengers on topics ranging from how to register a complaint to airplane safety.


 I am an aircraft owner


As an aircraft owner, you are responsible for the proper registration and maintenance of your aircraft(s), thereby ensuring the safety of all passengers and crew. Transport Canada provides the only "live" database, listing all aircraft and owners that are registered in Canada.

 I am an air operator or commercial airline

In 1909 the first heavier-than-air, powered aircraft took flight over Bras d'Or Lakes in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. This event changed the face of Canada forever, an industry was born and a new way of life was formed.

  • Flight 2010 — A Strategic Plan for Civil Aviation
  • Canadian Aviation Executives Safety Network
 I am an aircraft maintenance engineer

With the second largest fleet of civil aircraft in the western world, Canada's maintenance organizations assist in ensuring that all aeronautical products built, operated or maintained under Canadian control conform to national and international airworthiness standards.

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 I am flight instructor

As a flight instructor, you are responsible for training the next generation of Canadian pilots. Transport Canada can provide you with tools and resources that can help you with your day-to-day work with your clients.

  • Publications and forms
    • Pilot Examiner Program
    • General Aviation Policy Letters (GAPL)
 I am a member of the crew

As a member of the crew, you provide support and assistance to aircraft, both on the groud and in the air. You play an important role in keeping operations running smoothly, and keeping Canadians safe. Transport Canada has resources for you on topics ranging from training to safety.

  • Aviation Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
 I am an inspector

Transport Canada inspects aviation operations to make sure they meet safety regulations and enforces the law when they don't. Transport Canada's role now goes even further, as it also measures how well industry safety management systems are working.

 I am a pilot

As a pilot, you help keep Canada moving. You play an important role in the safety of passengers, both here and abroad, everyday. Whether you work in the commercial airline industry, or fly strictly for recreation, Transport Canada has resources and information for all Canadian pilots.

In order to be considered current, a pilot, in addition to holding a valid Medical Certificate must meet the regulatory requirements for recency and currency.

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