Passenger safety is our top priority. We propose and enforce regulations for safe air travel and publish standards and guidance material for everyone involved – from passengers to pilots.

Attention All Passengers!

  • Using Portable Electronic Devices
    Check with your air operator regarding the use of portable electronic devices, such as cameras, electronic games, tablets and computers during all phases of flight including taxi, takeoff and landing. If your airline permits the use of portable electronic devices they will need to be in a non-transmitting, or flight mode. Passengers must always listen to safety briefings.
  • Travelling with Children
    Planning before flying with your children can help make the flight pleasant for all.
  • Passengers with Special Situations
    What persons with special situations should know before travelling by air.
  • Wear your Seatbelt!
    Transport Canada considers the safest place during a flight is in your seat with your seat belt fastened.
  • Passenger Safety Tips
    Be informed, be aware and be prepared.
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