Travelling with Children

Planning is key!

It is important to plan for any trip by air. It is even more important when you plan to fly with young children.

A little extra planning can make the flight a peaceful and pleasant experience for you, your children and others onboard.

Also, if given the option, consider taking advantage of an airline's offer to pre-board with your children. A few extra minutes to settle yourself and the little ones in can make all the difference for an enjoyable flight.

Checklist for travelling with children

Travelling with infants

For the safety of both the adult and the child, Canadian Aviation Regulations require that no person shall be responsible for more than one infant (children under the age of two).

As time is of the essence during an evacuation, it is very difficult to safely evacuate an aircraft in a timely manner while holding two or more infants. The aisle and row width as well as the dimensions of the emergency exit openings are the two major factors that inhibit a rapid egress.

Child Safety Restraints

Transport Canada encourages passengers to use an approved child restraint system (car seat) when travelling by air with infants or children. Why? Although an infant under two years of age may be held in an adult's arms, using an approved car seat during a flight:

  • protects your child;
  • ensures their comfort while travelling; and
  • brings a familiar car seat to your destination.

If you decide to use a car seat, always:

  • check with your airline for their specific policies;
  • follow the manufacturer's installation instructions;
  • tighten the aircraft seat belt through the correct path on the car seat; and
  • secure straps out of the way since tether straps cannot be used on board the aircraft.


Identification Requirements for children differ when travelling at home or abroad. Be sure to carry all necessary documents with you when you travel.

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