Application Form for Grade Crossing Closures


Applicant Organization:

Name of the Applicant:

Position in the Organization:


Phone number:

Email address

Federal riding:

1. Location of the crossing

Mile Subdivision Railway company Road City Province

2. Project proponent: choose from the following list and provide the name of the proponent.

  • ☐ Road authority
  • ☐ Indigenous communities, groups or organizations
  • ☐ Individuals
  • ☐ Others

3. Type of existing crossing (as defined in the Grade Crossings Regulations: )

  • ☐ Public
  • ☐ Private

4. Railway Line

  • ☐ Provincially regulated
  • ☐ Federally regulated

5. Has the crossing been in existence for a minimum of 3 years?

  • ☐ Yes
  • ☐ No

6. Railway design speed (mph). In the case of an existing crossing, indicate the railway equipment speed that corresponds to the current design of the grade crossing.

7. Road design speed (km/h).

8. Number of tracks: Indicate the total number of tracks at the crossing or project location.

9. Number of lanes: Indicate the total number of existing lanes traversing the crossing (i.e. total number of lanes in both direction at the crossing)

10. Average daily railway movements (the total number of movements of engines, or engines coupled with railway equipment, across a grade crossing in both direction in a year, divided by the number of days in that year)

11. Average daily vehicle volume (the total number of motor vehicles that cross a grade crossing in both direction in a year divided by the number of days in that year)

12. Average daily pedestrian volume – if applicable (the total number of pedestrians that cross a grade crossing in a year divided by the number of days in that year)

13. Provide a description of the safety hazard being eliminated


14. Provide a description of proposed work. Include supporting documentation or plans.


15. Project schedule:

  • ☐ Expected start date:
  • ☐ Expected end date:

16. Is the crossing located in or in close proximity to any of the following: National Parks, National Park Reserves, National Historic Sites, or Historic Canals?

  • ☐ Yes
  • ☐ No

17. Does the crossing extend outside of the existing roadway or railway right-of-ways?

  • ☐ Yes
  • ☐ No

18. Will the closure be within 30m of a body of water?

  • ☐ Yes
  • ☐ No

19. Will the project result in the likely release of a polluting substance into a water body?

  • ☐ Yes
  • ☐ No

20. If applicable, provide the following environmental information.

  • ☐ Summary description of the local biophysical environment, including a description of the environmental components that are likely to be adversely affected by the project;

  • ☐ Other Environmental Assessments (EA) regimes to which the project has been or is likely to be subject to (i.e., provincial, territorial, etc.).

21. Proof of ownership. Select the documents that will be submitted with this application form.

  • ☐ A land title
  • ☐ An Order from the Canadian Transportation Agency
  • ☐ An agreement filed with the Canadian Transportation Agency under subsection 101(1) of the Canadian Transportation Act
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