Notice to Travellers

Every day, thousands of travellers pass through Canada’s airports. The safety and security of all passengers is of the utmost importance to the Government of Canada and persons intending to travel by air are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the following pre-trip travel information:

  • Be Smart

    Know the restrictions for what you can bring with you on board the aircraft. This will ensure a faster screening process and avoid you having to surrender items. The list is updated regularly and can be found at:
    What Can I Bring? Complete Item List

  • Be comfortable

    All passengers must pass through a metal detector. There are some things you can do to decrease the likelihood of setting off the alarm:
    Security Screening

    Some passengers may be selected for additional screening and can choose between a physical search or the full body scanner:
    Full body scanners at major Canadian airports

  • Be safe and vigilant

    Protect your baggage and personal belongings at all times. Never leave your baggage unattended as it could be subject to tampering, theft or seizure. Airports seize unattended baggage as a precautionary measure to rule out the presence of dangerous items. If you see unattended baggage or packages, report it to the airport security staff or other airport authority. Never accept or transport letters or packages from strangers. Additional tips for air travellers can be found: 
    Air Transportation  

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