Aviation Security Regulatory Review and Security Programs

Transport Canada launched the Aviation Security Regulatory Review Project in 2007 to work on a detailed examination and renewal of Canada’s aviation security regulations. The review involves extensive consultation with domestic and international aviation security partners and stakeholders to ensure regulations continue to meet Canada’s security needs in a changing world. The review represents a concrete step to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of aviation security in Canada.

The goals and objective of the Review are to:

  • Establish the regulatory framework appropriate for the security of Canada’s aviation system in the years ahead including the introduction of aviation security programs to complement baseline requirements
  • Address recommendations of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) Act Review Panel, the Air India Commission of Inquiry and align with international standards and best practices
  • Align the framework with provisions of the Public Safety Act by converting to regulations those security measures that if disclosed would not compromise aviation security or public safety

The Review Project’s current priority is regulatory revitalization and Aviation Security Program requirements for airports as they are a Budget 2009 commitment. Transport Canada is currently consulting with the broader aviation security community on proposals to amend the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations. The amendments will be published in the Canada Gazette, Part I, and Canadians will have another opportunity to comment on the proposed changes

The proposed changes would apply to Canada’s 89 airports that have security screening services. They would require airport operators to assess their current security measures, and implement effective and comprehensive security plans. Since no two airports are identical, airports would be able to tailor airport security programs to reflect their specific facilities, security needs and operations.

Specifically, the proposed changes would ensure that:

  • airport operators’ and tenants’ roles and responsibilities are clarified and documented;
  • security requirements and mitigation strategies are developed and clearly outlined; and
  • the entire security regime at airports is thoroughly coordinated, integrated and documented.

All regulated requirements for airport security, including those for airport security programs, would be subject to Transport Canada inspection and oversight.

The Government of Canada recognizes how important coordination and integration at Canadian airports is to aviation security and took additional steps to enhance security following the December 25, 2009, terrorist attack on a flight headed to Detroit. The intent of these changes to the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations is to address new and emerging threats to aviation security, as well as adopt best practices in aviation security, harmonize our regulations with international partners, increase transparency and keep our air transportation industry competitive.

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