Canadian Air Carrier Protective Program


The Canadian Air Carrier Protective Program (CACPP) ensures the protection of Canadians and Canadian interests, at home and abroad, through the strategic placement, on board Canadian registered commercial aircraft, of highly specialized, tactical, covert operatives known as In-Flight Security Officers (IFSOs) whose mandate is to prevent the aircraft from being taken over by any unauthorized person(s) and to gather intelligence on any criminal or terrorist activity within the civil aviation environment.

The CACPP was established by the RCMP in partnership with Transport Canada and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States. The CACPP has progressed from conceptualization to its well-respected position within the realm of civil aviation protection.  From its modest beginnings, the CACPP has evolved into an integral component of one of the most secure aviation systems in the world. 

IFSO programs, such as CACPP are recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organization’s  (ICAO) as a valuable element of a national aviation security program. 

Current Status:

Civil aviation security in Canada embodies a multi-layered approach.  In this context, the IFSO remains a critical layer and the last line of defence in the protection of an aircraft while in flight. Designed to address current and future threats to our country, the CACPP employs a model that ensures it is prepared for, and can respond to, threats targeting Canada's civil aviation industry.

Pre-screening and aerodrome security will never be completely foolproof.  An individual who is sophisticated enough to smuggle a weapon aboard an aircraft must be met by an equally appropriate level of intervention.  IFSOs are trained for this exact circumstance.

To date, the CACPP has successfully responded to all arising emergency deployments encountered by the Canadian civil aviation industry.  The ability to respond to these last minute calls to service has demonstrated the CACPP’s ability to acquire information, analyze, assess and activate rapid deployments. 

Consistent with the Government of Canada’s commitment to enhance civil aviation security, the CACPP provides a professional, world-class service-delivery mechanism in the global effort to combat terrorism.

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