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Definitions of Types of Consignors

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A consignor is currently defined in the Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations as follows:

Consignor means a person in Canada who
(a) is named in a shipping document as the consignor;
(b) imports or who will import dangerous goods into Canada; or
(c) if paragraphs (a) and (b) do not apply, has possession of dangerous goods immediately before they are in transport.


Person includes, in addition to an individual, a corporation and any other entity carrying on a business

To find which is pertinent to your situation, please choose the type that first fully applies as you go down the list.

For the purposes of a registration with CANUTEC:

Types of Consignors
Type of Consignor Definition
Manufacturer is a consignor who fabricates, transforms, packages or repackages, labels or re-labels, assigns a trade name to, appears as manufacturer on or publishes an MSDS for a material that is regulated under the Transport of Dangerous Goods or WHMIS Regulations.
Distributor is a consignor of a material that is regulated under the Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations without having transformed the material, its packaging or its identity in any way and who does not publish an MSDS for that material.
Manu/Dist is a consignor who is both a manufacturer and distributor.
End User is a consignor who offers dangerous goods for transport to a place of use other than where it was originally received by that same consignor (essentially re-distributing to another of its locations).
Waste Consignor is a consignor who transports a waste that is regulated as a dangerous good.
Microbiological (facility) is assigned to a consignor who primarily offers infectious substances for transport.

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