SDR # 20090728005
CF34-3B Missing Nut Engine bleed air port

SDR submitted:

Pilots reported L/H engine jet pipe overheat warning was activated during cruise for approximately 20 seconds and then went away by itself. Aircraft was returned to base. Maintenance investigated and found a plug/plate at approximately 11 o’clock with 1 nut loose and the other missing. The nut was found in the bottom of the cowl and the other nut was loose about 4 turns.

Note: This plug is located at the same engine station as the Inlet Turbine Temperature (ITT) Probes.

It is unclear whether hot gases were escaping from the loose plate and caused the jet pipe overheat warning or if the nut falling down and contacting the terminal lugs of the sense elements set off the warning.

No reoccurrence of this fault has occurred since the reinstallation of the plug/plate.

Transport Canada Comments:
Good area to inspect at the next opportunity of engine maintenance activity.Hammer and wrench in X formation indicating end of article

Image of CF34-3B missing nut engine bleed air port

Image of CF34-3B missing nut engine bleed air port

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