FAA Special Airworthiness Information Bulletins (SAIBs)

A Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) is an information tool that alerts, educates, and makes recommendations to the general aviation community. It is non-regulatory information and guidance that does not meet the criteria for an Airworthiness Directive (AD). http://www.faa.gov/aircraft/safety/alerts/SAIB/

SAIB Number Make / Company Subject Issue Date
NE-10-37 General Electric Company Engine Fuel and Control: FADEC Fuel Metering Valve Resolver Feedback Faults 12-07-2010
CE-10-39 American Champion Aircraft Corp. Equipment - Furnishings 23-07-2010
CE-10-40R1 Cessna Aircraft Company Aircraft Fuel System; water contamination of fuel tank systems on Cessna single engine airplanes 30-07-2010
SW-10-41 Honeywell Honeywell MK XXII EGPWS Software Problem 05-08-2010
SW-10-43 Rotorcraft Non-Aviation Transmitters 05-08-2010
CE-10-44 Cessna Aircraft Company Hydraulic Power – Indicating 09-08-2010
SW-10-15R1 Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Limited Model 429 Helicopters with Certain Clam Shell Doors 09-08-2010
NM-10-45 Cessna Aircraft Company Landing Gear: Nose/Tail Landing Gear Attach Section 11-08-2010
SW-10-42R1 Apical Industries, Inc. Emergency Float Kits 11-08-2010
CE-10-33R1 Reciprocating engine-powered airplanes Engine Exhaust 16-08-2010
CE-10-46 Embraer - Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica S.A. Navigation; Embraer EMB-505 Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS) Instructions in Airplane Flight Manual 16-08-2010
CE-10-38R1 Honeywell Navigation 18-08-2010
NE-10-47 Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp. Turbine Engine Compressor Section 30-08-2010
CE-10-48 Cessna Aircraft Company Main Landing Gear 08-09-2010
CE-10-49 Cessna Aircraft Company Equipment/Furnishings –Drain Mast Heater 23-09-2010
NE-09-48R1 Propellers Propeller Assembly 24-09-2010
CE-11-01 Piper Aircraft, Inc. Stabilizers -Horizontal Stabilator – Turnbuckle 04-10-2010
CE-11-02 Sky Arrow Seat Belts: Sky Arrow 600 Seat Restraint System 05-10-2010
SW-11-03 Columbia Helicopters, Inc. Pitch Housings Vertical Pin Lugs 22-10-2010
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