FAA Special Airworthiness Information Bulletins (SAIBs)

A Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) is an information tool that alerts, educates, and makes recommendations to the general aviation community. It is non-regulatory information and guidance that does not meet the criteria for an Airworthiness Directive (AD). www.faa.gov/aircraft/safety/alerts/SAIB/

SAIB Number Make / Company Subject Issue Date
SW-11-15 Robinson Helicopter Company Carbon Monoxide Detectors 1/6/2011
CE-11-17 Amateur-BuiltGeneral AviationLight-Sport Instruments 1/18/2011
CE-11-16 Garmin Navigation LNAV/VNAV and LNAV+V Full Scale Deflection in SBAS (WAAS) enabled Garmin Integrated Flight Decks, GNS 400W/500W – series, and SBAS (WAAS) enabled GNS 480/CNX80 units 1/18/2011
CE-11-18 General Aviation Ice/Rain Protection System – Stall Warning 1/24/2011
NM-11-19 ATR - GIE Avions de Transport Régional Indicating/Recording System – Angle of Attack Sensors 2/3/2011
CE-11-20 Allstar PZL Glider Fuselage: Fuselage Frame Joints 2/7/2011
CE-11-21 Hawker Beechcraft Corporation Flight Controls: Trailing Edge Flaps; Flap Nose Rib Cracking 2/16/2011
NE-11-22 Rolls-Royce Corporation Engine Controls 2/23/2011
NE-08-17R2 CFM International, S.A. Turbine Section - Propulsion Technology LLC Unapproved Repair 3/7/2011
NM-11-23 The Boeing Company Landing Gear: Main Landing Gear Truck Beam 3/15/2011
CE-08-12R1 Cirrus Design Corporation Electrical Power 3/16/2011
SW-11-24 Garmin Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System 3/18/2011
NM-11-25 AVOX Systems Oxygen: Passenger Oxygen Masks 3/24/2011
CE-11-26 M7 Aerospace LP Wings: Wing Skin 3/30/2011
NE-08-26R3 Lycoming EnginesTextron Lycoming, AVCO Corporation Magneto/Distributor 3/31/2011
NE-11-27 General Electric Company Fuel Injector Nozzle - CF6-80 Improperly Welded Fuel Nozzles 4/5/2011
CE-11-28 Hawker Beechcraft Corporation Airplane Fuel and Electrical Systems on Hawker Beechcraft Corporation Twin Engine Airplanes 4/8/2011
CE-11-29 Cessna Aircraft Company Flight Control System 4/22/2011
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