Equipment Airworthiness Directives (ADs)

Transport Canada (TC) endeavours to send copies of new Airworthiness Directives (AD), which are applicable in Canada to the registered owners of the affected products. Equipment/appliance AD are often only distributed to our regional offices because the owners of aircraft affected by this type of AD are not generally known.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs) and operators of the affected products are encouraged to obtain further information or a copy of the AD from their regional TC office, their local Transport Canada Centre (TCC), their Principal Maintenance Inspector (PMI), or from the Civil Aviation AD website at:


Manufacturer AD Number Origin Description




ATA 26 Fire Protection – Hand Operated Fire Extinguisher – Modification

Sicma Aero Seat



ATA 25 Equipment & Furnishings – Passenger Seat Backrest Link – Inspection / Replacement

Lycoming Engines


United States

Loose mixture control sleeve

Transport Category Airplanes


United States

ATA 25 - Equipment / Furnishing - Install lavatory placards

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