Skid Failure 

Bell 212
(SDR) # 20130724003

SDR submitted:

The pilot landed at a forest service lookout tower and heard a bang. He thought he had hit a rock. On landing at a local airstrip, the helicopter sat in an unusual attitude. The forward skid landing gear cross tube was found broken near a forward support.

A Forward Skid Landing Gear Cross Tube Broken Near a Forward Support

A Cross Section View of the Broken Forward Skid Landing Gear

Transport Canada Comments:  

This cross tube is the subject of recurring Bell Helicopter Alert Service Bulletin (ASB) 212-09-132. The ASB requires a detailed inspection every 7 days. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the manufacturer have been informed and an investigation is ongoing to determine if the ASB inspection interval requirements are sufficient.

Support Case Cracked

Bell 212
(SDR) # 20130312010

SDR submitted:

During a routine daily aircraft inspection, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer(AME) was inspecting the main transmission and noticed the support case was cracked on the left hand side by the airframe attachment bolt. The transmission was removed and it was found that the support case leg was broken with the crack originating from one of the small bushing attachment screws.

Support Case fitting crack (outer portion)

Support Case fitting cracked

Transport Canada Comments:  

The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is currently investigating this issue. In the interim, Transport Canada Civil Aviation recommends maintenance personnel to remain vigilant while inspecting this area of the transmission.

Oil Line Leaking Due to Fretting

Bell 407
(SDR) # 20131129004

SDR submitted:

The engine was removed from the aircraft due to a service inspection required for Bell helicopter Alert Service Bulletin (ASB) 407-13-99RA. During that time it was found that oil line part number (P/N) 70-037A0910-000 was seeping black oxide out of its internal portion. After further inspection, the steel braids were found cut.

Engine Oil Line Fretting

Transport Canada Comments:  

Transport Canada Civil Aviation reminds maintainers of the importance of keeping adequate clearance on all hydraulic, fuel and electrical lines to prevent fretting. This defect was discovered before a potential catastrophic occurrence could have occurred.

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