Hangar Noise

A Surprising Cause Of Smoke In The Cabin

C&D Aerospace, Equipment
(SDR) # 20120921002

During the interior cleaning of the aeroplane, the cabin cleaners noted a burning smell and smoke in the forward lavatory. The lead engineer of the aeroplane was immediately informed.

It was found that the soap dispenser had been leaking on to the circuit breaker of the forward lavatory power outlets. The circuit breaker has open terminals on the top allowing the liquid soap to make contact and create a short. Troubleshooting showed that the soap dispenser bottle had not been properly tightened and that the circuit breaker had no protection against leaks. The circuit breaker is located directly below the bottle.

The circuit breaker required replacement due to contamination and possible internal damage/short and the soap dispenser bottle was properly installed.

A contaminated circuit breakers

Transport Canada Comments:  

Even though this incident took place on a foreign operated aeroplane, it serves as a good reminder that no matter how trivial an item may appear (such as installing a soap dispenser bottle) it can have major consequences.

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