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Aeroplane Piston Engine Operation

Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) continues to receive Service Difficulty Reports (SDRs) reporting problems encountered by operators and maintainers of piston-powered aeroplanes. Some problems may be inevitable however TCCA does everything to help mitigate them. Things like following maintenance instructions, flight manual procedures and careful daily or pre-flight inspection all help to increase reliability.

While the aeroplane manufacturer has the final say in how the engine must be operated, the engine manufacturer has useful resources to help operate safely and economically. Most manufacturers have online information with regard to breaking in, operating and other tips for safe continuous operation. This information can help your engine reach Time Between Overhaul (TBO) with minimal problems.

One aspect often forgotten when troubleshooting or installing a new or overhauled engine is instrumentation. One cannot properly ascertain an engine’s performance without reliable data. Instrument calibration is often neglected in the interest of keeping costs to a minimum. Over the long term, what is more cost effective, an overhaul due to operating out of limits or calibrations to ensure parameters are within manufacturer recommendations?

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