Heads Up

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Feedback is going green!

Starting with Issue 1/2012, Transport Canada’s Feedback will officially become an online publication only. The decision to end the printing and distribution of paper copies of Feedback was not taken lightly, and was made in order to reduce our environmental footprint and to better manage public funds.

The good news is that this transition offers new possibilities for our publication, such as unrestricted use of colours and length of magazine. You may view these in full color format online at www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/certification/continuing-feedback-menu-703.htm. Safety awareness activities need to adapt to current industry trends to become as effective as possible. This shift moves us in the right direction and highlights Transport Canada’s continual progression and growth in its safety awareness  strategy.

Time to sign-up for eBulletin!

Hundreds of Feedback readers have already made the transition to electronic delivery and subscribe to our eBulletin notification service. We invite all others to do so by visiting www.tc.gc.ca/enews and follow the easy steps to join our electronic mailing list. Once signed-up, you will receive an email announcing the release of each new issue of Feedback, as well as a link to the main Feedback webpage. For those that prefer a printed copy, you will be able to receive a print-on-demand version through Transport Canada’s Publication Order Desk at 1-888-830-4911 or by email at MPS2@tc.gc.ca.

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