SDR # 20100223002
Cross Tube Cracked

SDR submitted:

The pilot noticed unusual airframe buffeting and thought the landing gear was loose. Further inspections by an AME found no defects.

While landing on a heli-ski run, a loud bang was heard and there was some slight settling on the right rear side of the helicopter. Inspection by heli-ski guide found no indications so operations continued. Post flight inspection by an AME found the aft landing gear crosstube cracked.

Upon removal, the crosstube was found broken through under the saddle. The crack is believed to have progressed from a small corrosion pit.

No other damage to the airframe was found. Hammer and wrench in X formation indicating end of article

Cross Tube Cracked

SDR # 20100413015
Main Rotor Spherical Stops Worn

SDR submitted:

During inspection, the spherical stops were found to have numerous protrusions between the rubber and plate assemblies.

Stops were cleaned and test flown. Shortly after use the rubber began to extrude between the plates and rubber component again.

Transport Canada Comments:
A search in the WSDRS database revealed no similar incidents. Eurocopter advised the operator that the spherical stops should be replaced.
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