FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I become a Transport Canada Delegate?

For more information, please contact the Civil Aviation Communications Centre.

Aircraft Certification Contacts:

Regions: Regional Managers: Telephone:
Quebec Region Richard Fortier (514) 633-3593
Ontario Region Shaun O'Reilly (416) 952-6033
Prairie and Northern Region Fred Wright (780) 495-3856
Pacific Region John Nehera (604) 666-5591
Atlantic Region Paul Garner 1-800-305-2059

Headquarters: Chiefs:
Delegations & Quality Division Derek Ferguson (613) 941-8386
Flight Test Division Bill Jupp (613) 952-4315

What policy and guidance materials are available for Delegates / Applicants?

Some useful documents to review:

When is the next Delegates Conference?  How do I register to attend?

More details will be made available on our Website as they are finalized.

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