Chapter 1. General

1.1  Purpose

This handbook prescribes policy, procedures, and guidance to be used by the Aircraft Certification staff in Headquarters and in the Regional Offices when administering the Delegations program, and by Delegates in fulfilling their delegation.

This handbook:

  1. Provides TCCA personnel and Delegates direction with respect to the Delegate approval process and associated responsibilities;
  2. Informs TCCA personnel and Delegates of the certification procedures that should be followed when accomplishing a modification or repair in accordance with AWM 513;
  3. Ensures consistent application of the certification procedures by Delegates in all regions; and
  4. Provides guidance on the content of an EPM developed for a DAR and the enabling of this Handbook by the EPM.

Deviations from the procedures contained in this Handbook should be discussed and coordinated with the Regional Aircraft Certification Managers or Headquarters Delegations and Quality Division. If there are any discrepancies between TCCA Aircraft Certification Staff Instructions or Policy Letters and this Handbook, then the guidance provided in the Staff Instructions and Policy Letters will take precedence.

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