Chapter 3. Delegate Authorization

3.1  Delegate Authority

Delegates may make a finding of compliance or a recommendation, for engineering technical data within their scope of authority, through use of a TCCA AE-100 Statement of Compliance form (or approved equivalent). When specifically authorized by TCCA as part of their scope of authorization, delegates may issue approval documents (LSTC and RDC certificates per AWM Chapter 513), witness compliance tests, and perform compliance inspections on TCCA's behalf. The specific role, authorized areas, and responsibilities of the Delegate will be established by agreement between TCCA and the Delegate based on the Delegates level of experience and knowledge.

Delegates may be appointed for, or limited to, specific types of work for which a finding of compliance, or recommendation, can be made. For example:

  1. a systems and equipment Delegate could be limited to handling approval of alterations to specific types of systems such as hydraulic, pressurization, etc., on only one airplane model; or
  2. a flight test pilot Delegate could be limited to conducting flight tests on fixed wing aircraft of a specified maximum gross weight.

However, caution should be exercised in making delegations that are so narrowly limited that they could become burdensome to TCCA.

The exercise of delegation may be controlled by:

  1. Procedures specified in an EPM/DAPM; or
  2. Conditions specified by TCCA Regions or Headquarters when reviewing an application for modification or repair approval; or
  3. A TCCA approved compliance program.
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