Chapter 3. Delegate Authorization

3.4  Privileges

A Delegate may perform the airworthiness engineering functions specifically identified in their letter of authorization and approved DAPM/EPM. Delegate privileges may be exercised in those areas identified in their manual, but subject to the limitations defined in Section 3.5 of this Handbook, specific limitations in their letter of authorization, and limitations identified in their approved EPM or DAPM. Examples of some items that a Delegate can make a finding of compliance for and issue a statement of compliance, and issue an approval, include:

  1. Approval of the following technical data elements in support of findings of compliance to the delegated standards of airworthiness:
    1. engineering reports
    2. engineering drawings
    3. configuration drawings and instructions
    4. drawing lists
    5. Instructions for Continuing Airworthiness (except any Airworthiness limitations)
    6. electrical load analysis
    7. other engineering data relating to structural applications.

b. Recommendations to TCCA for approval of non-delegated engineering data.

c. Issuance of RDC and LSTC approval documents in accordance with AWM Chapter 513 procedures or those approved in their EPM/DAPM.

d. Make a determination that a change to the type design is significant or not-significant in accordance with subsection 511.13 or paragraph 513.07(3) of the CARs.


This privilege is subject to the delegate having completed the TCCA offered Changed Product Rule specialist training or other training that is acceptable to TCCA and having procedures that are approved by TCCA in their EPM or DAPM, including the use of the Changed Product Rule (CPR) Decision Record form shown in Appendix B.

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