Chapter 4. Communications, Liability and Surveillance

4.1  General Comments

The following are some general notes on delegation and the expectation of Delegates.


TCCA offers training seminars that are available to all Delegates and their attendance is encouraged. It is highly recommended that all Delegates attend the TCCA Aircraft Certification Course which is mandatory for TCCA employees. The Delegate seminar schedule is available on the TCCA Web Site.

Delegate Independence

A Delegate must have adequate time to perform his or her assigned duties and to adequately represent the Minister.

Good Practices

The Delegate should have a general knowledge of the overall Delegate system and TCCA certification procedures so that the Delegate and TCCA can work together as a team. A Delegate, while acting for TCCA, is expected to be guided by "good practice" principles in exercising the duties of a Delegate. "Good practice" is developed through experience and know-how over the years, and carries with it a high degree of confidence. Good practice exemplifies what has been shown to be reliable and satisfactory.

Delegate Responsibility when using other engineers

The Delegate may use as many experienced engineers as needed to completely evaluate engineering technical data; however, the Delegate accepts the responsibility for approving the technical data when signing the TCCA Form AE-100. A Delegate may decline to approve any or all portions of the technical data, and may forward such data to TCCA for approval. In such instances, the Delegate must specify reasons for not approving the technical data. A Delegate should communicate early and often with TCCA counterpart.

Use of TCCA Logos

TCCA does not authorize any Delegate to infer that he or she is a TCCA employee or to use the Transport Canada, or associated logo on things such as: business cards, letterheads, facsimile covers, document covers, or any other business forms.

Use of Delegate Numbers

Delegates shall not use their Delegate identification number when signing company or personal reports, drawings, service documents, or letters unless that signature is in respect of a finding being made on behalf of the Minister. This ensures that the Delegates signature on such documents does not constitute TCCA approval.

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