Chapter 4. Communications, Liability and Surveillance

4.2  Communications

A delegates primary contact point is with their cognizant regional office or Headquarters, whichever initially appointed them. It is general delegation policy that if a delegate appointed in a region has a requirement to communicate with Aircraft Certification staff in Headquarters or another region that this communications should be coordinated through the regional (appointing) office.

4.2.1  Delegates Who Operate in Other Regions

If a Delegate undertakes modifications or repairs on an aircraft normally located in a region other than their region of appointment, their Region Manager Aircraft Certification will issue the approval number and will notify the RMAC in the region where the aircraft is normally located. This notification could be through provision of a copy of the AWM Chapter 513 Certificate and/or the TCCA AE-100 form. A Delegate may undertake a project with a Region other than their own provided that there is prior discussion between the Regional Managers. In this instance, the approval number will be issued by the Region responsible for the project.

4.2.2  Projects Involving Multiple Delegates

Delegates may undertake approval projects involving multiple delegates providing all of the involved Delegates have procedures that address multiple delegate projects in their EPMs. The responsible region would normally be the Region of the delegate acting as project coordinator.

4.2.3  Coordination of Flight Test

Flight Testing required in support of a certification program should be coordinated with the Aircraft Certification Branch Flight Test Division through the applicants Regional office. ACSI 43 details the Regional Flight Test Procedures for Regional Approvals.

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