Chapter 4. Communications, Liability and Surveillance

4.4  Dispute Resolution

If a dispute arises between a Delegate and TCCA, an issue paper should be utilized to document the issue, background, discussion, and the respective positions. A sample issue paper format is shown in Appendix B. In most cases the process of writing down the issue and clarifying the respective positions is likely to lead to resolution of the dispute. If the matter cannot be resolved at the Regional level with the RMAC then the Chief of Engineering or Flight Test in Headquarters, as appropriate, will act as an arbiter. Every attempt, however, should be made to resolve the issue at the Regional level.

In all disputes TCCA reserves the right to make the final decision, and delegates shall abide with the TCCA decision. Failure to do so could result in either a reduction in the scope of authority or a withdrawal of delegated authority.

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