Chapter 5. Airworthiness Control Procedures

5.10  Modification or Repair of Foreign Registered Aircraft

A Delegate may undertake a repair or modification of a foreign registered aircraft when there is a Canadian Type Certificate or accepted Type Certificate and the RMAC is consulted. An LSTC or RDC may be issued. The Delegate or aircraft owner will advise the responsible foreign Civil Airworthiness Authority (CAA) of the work being undertaken. The CAA may require the validation of the approval prior to the issue or reinstatement of the flight authority.


Each person who performs a repair or modification to a foreign aircraft or aeronautical product under the terms of an agreement between Canada and the aircraft's state of registry, or who signs a maintenance release in respect of such a repair or modification, shall ensure that the repair or modification conforms to the requirements of technical data approval or acceptability, as the case may be, that are specified in the agreement.

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