Chapter 5. Airworthiness Control Procedures

5.13  Continuing Airworthiness

Delegates shall be familiar with their continuing airworthiness responsibilities and ensure that their EPM/DAPM contains procedures to inform certificate holders of the issue of approvals and their associated responsibilities in accordance with AWM Chapter 513. ACSI 22 provides a sample letter that could be forwarded to certificate holders to advise them of certificate issuance and their responsibilities towards continuing airworthiness and SDR reporting.

5.13.1  Service Difficulty Report

Any service difficulty will be reported in accordance with the requirements of AWM 591 and ACSI 44 using Form #24-0038. Specifically, this report will include:

  1. Any service difficulty will be reported to TCCA within 48 hours after it is discovered, except in the case of a reportable problem discovered on a weekend or a holiday. In such a case, the report will be submitted at the beginning of the next business day or within the 48 hours of being discovered, whichever is later;
  2. It will be determined if the service difficulty has been reported by an operator or other organization;
  3. A TCCA Service Difficulty Report Form (24-0038) will be submitted to TCCA containing all pertinent information and will be submitted for each occurrence of a reportable service difficulty;
  4. Where all pertinent information required for the service difficulty reporting is unavailable in the time frame allowed above, an interim report will be submitted within the specified time to TCCA. Within 14 days of the submission of the interim report, a full report will be submitted; and
  5. If TCCA decides that an Airworthiness Directive is required to rectify the deficiency which may be related to either safety or compliance, all technical data necessary for TCCA to issue the Airworthiness Directive in question will be provided.
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