Chapter 5. Airworthiness Control Procedures

5.2  Records Maintained by Delegates

AWM Chapter 505 states the following with respect to records:

  1. Each DAR/DAO/AEO shall maintain, at his/her ordinary place of business, current records containing, any data and amendments thereto including drawings photographs, specifications, instructions and reports necessary for the substantiation of the design approval.
  2. Each DAR/DAO/AEO shall record by make, model and where applicable, serial number, those products for which design data has been approved by that DAR/DAO/AEO.
  3. No person shall dispose of any data file described in subsection (a) and (b) without the written approval of the Minister.

This indicates that each Delegate must agree, by written procedure in the approved EPM/DAPM, to keep project files or records for every exercise of delegated authority as required by AWM Chapter 505. Delegates must allow representatives of the Minister to inspect the records upon request.

Upon cessation of business or upon the death of the delegate, the RMAC or Chief of Engineering should be contacted regarding disposition of the project files or records. Data contained in the project files or records supporting findings of compliance or recommendation for approvals made by Ministerial Delegates or Representatives must be archived in the Government of Canada archives.

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