Chapter 5. Airworthiness Control Procedures

5.3  Application for Modification or Repair Approval
5.3.1  Modification Application Form (Form #26-0469)

An application for the issuance of an STC (issued by TCCA), LSTC, or RDC certificate per AWM Chapter 513 shall be made using TCCA form #26-0469 or an equivalent form that is acceptable to the Minister and is included in the delegates approved EPM/DAPM. Delegates are required to apply for approval numbers from their Regional Manager or to notify TCCA when approval numbers are used from an allocated block of approval numbers. The TCCA Modification Application as a minimum must contain the following information:

  1. Name and address of the applicant;
  2. Name and number of the delegate;
  3. Name and address of the proposed certificate holder, if different from a);
  4. Make and model of the aeronautical product; and, as applicable:

i. Registration

ii. Serial number; and

iii. Type Certificate number

e. Request for STC/LSTC/RDC or revision to previous;


f. Proposed applicable standards for the approval of the change;


The proposed applicable standards shall be developed using the CPR procedures and the advisory material in AMA 500/16, the policy material in PL 500-002 and the procedural guidance which is to be published as SI 500-003.

g. Title and description of the change;

h. Documentation to be provided;

i. Approval responsibility; and

j. Applicant's agreement to pay prescribed charges.

Form #26-0469 is available from the Regional Aircraft Certification offices and Headquarters and Aircraft Certification office in the geographical region of the applicant.

5.3.2  Time to Submit Data Package

Unless otherwise discussed and agreed to with the RMAC, the Delegate shall submit a documentation package within 30 days of the effective date of the approval. The contents of the approval documentation package shall also be discussed and agreed to with the RMAC, and should consist of the agreed to material. At a minimum it should normally consist of:

  1. Index of Compliance or Compliance Program;
  2. Approval Certificate;
  3. Statement of Compliance;
  4. Top Drawing; and
  5. Data substantiating compliance for any non-delegated items.

The content and timing of submittals is to be discussed and agreed to with the RMAC. Delegates may be required to submit in addition to the foregoing all analyses, reports, drawings and test data.

5.3.3  Minimum Content of Approval Document

A Repair Design Certificate or Limited Supplemental Type Certificate must be issued for approvals processed in accordance with AWM Chapter 513, and must use approval numbers issued by the Region. An AE-100 Form will not be accepted as an approval document, however it must be used to make a statement of compliance and accompany the appropriate AWM Chapter 513 certificate.

5.3.4  Configuration Control

Design Approval holders must exercise a system that controls the configuration of the Type Design. Documents relating to the approval such as those detailing the Type Design should be stamped and signed to indicate the type certification configuration using a stamp supplied by the Delegates. The size of the stamp is 5 cm X 5 cm and the format of the stamp is as indicated in the following figure.



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