Chapter 5. Airworthiness Control Procedures

5.7  Test Witnessing

A Delegate must obtain confirmation of authorization from the TCCA Project Manager prior to witnessing a test as TCCA representative or making a statement of compliance for any test data on behalf of TCCA. When obtaining this prior confirmation, the Delegate must:

Purpose of Test

Define whether such tests are to show compliance with specific certification requirements (official TCCA test), or to collect test data as part of the overall substantiation effort.

Coordination With TCCA

Determine whether TCCA wishes to witness these tests.

TCCA Participation

Discuss with the responsible Regional Manager, or Headquarters specialist, tests involving controversial qualitative judgments to define the extent of participation by TCCA.

Conformity Inspections

Verify that the necessary TCCA conformity inspections have been accomplished prior to conducting type certification tests.

Tests Requiring Delegate Witnessing

The Delegate is not required to witness an entire test to approve the test data. However, the Delegate should witness those portions of the test dealing with critical conditions to insure that all the data are valid. When a Delegate approves test data, the Delegate is indicating that those portions of the test dealing with critical conditions have been witnessed by the Delegate, the test was conducted in accordance with TCCA approved test program, and the data are official test results.

Approval of Test Data

A Delegate who is not authorized by the cognizant Regional Manager or Headquarters to approve test data may be authorized to recommend TCCA approval of test data within an TCCA approved test program.

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