Chapter 5. Airworthiness Control Procedures

5.9  Revisions to STCs, LSTCs, and RDCs

Minor changes may be made to approved data by a Delegate without notifying TCCA.

Major changes to approved data may also be made by the Delegate provided that both the original approval and the change are within the Delegate's Scope of Authority. The Delegate shall issue a new AE-100 form to reference the revised data. If any of the information on the certificate is no longer valid as a result of the changes, a new approval certificate will also be issued. Delegates shall notify TCCA of all major changes made to Design Approvals unless alternate procedures have been agreed upon with TCCA and are documented in the EPM/DAPM.

Major changes to approved data that are either outside the Delegate's Scope of the Authority or affect a joint Approval shall be submitted for TCCA Approval.

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