Chapter 6. Procedures Manual

6.3  Procedures Manual Revision

The following provisions and procedures should be considered when revising an EPM/DAPM. Approved revisions should be recorded in the 'Revision Record Approval Sheet' and incorporation of the revision should be entered into the 'Record of Revision Entry', and 'Revision Details and Pages Affected'.

6.3.1  TCCA Approval

TCCA approval of revisions to the EPM and the DAPM is generally required. However, if guidelines and procedures are incorporated in the TCCA approved EPM/DAPM then those specified class of revisions may be approved by the Delegate/DAO on TCCAs behalf. These manual revisions may be initiated by either the Delegate or TCCA.

6.3.2  Delegate Proposed Revision

For Delegate proposed revisions, copies of the proposed revision should be submitted to TCCA (region or Headquarters as appropriate) including the Revision Record Approval Sheet. In the submittal, all the pages affected by the proposed revision should be listed in the Revision Record Approval Sheet. The revised pages should bear the revision number and the date of the revision and changes should be indicated by margin side bars placed adjacent to the affected paragraphs.

After approval by TCCA, the revision should be issued to all manual holders including copies of the Revision Approval Record Sheet bearing the signature of the Chief, Delegations & Quality, or the appropriate Regional Manager of Aircraft Certification, and the approval date. The manual revision will become effective on the approval date.

A "Revision Entry Record Sheet" should be used for recording the entry of any revisions approved by TCCA. This sheet should include the revision number, the revision date, and the entry date.

6.3.3  TCCA Initiated Revision

Revisions initiated by TCCA should be implemented in a time period acceptable to both TCCA and the Delegate/DAO.

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