Chapter 7. Delegate Guidance Material

7.1  What is Delegate Guidance Material

Delegate guidance material consists of those TCCA developed or specified Airworthiness Regulations, Standards, Airworthiness Manual Advisories, ACSIs, ACPLs, Airworthiness Notices and Delegation Handbook which the Delegate needs to effectively carry out their responsibilities as a Delegate. It is each Delegate's responsibility to obtain and maintain the required material. Physical copies of this material can be requested through the Chief, Delegations and Quality at the telephone number listed in Appendix A.

7.1.1  Library

Each Delegate must have ready access to properly amended and up to date legislation, standards, advisories and related literature appropriate to the authorized functions in accordance with AWM 505.117, AWM 505.217 or AWM 505.417. Ready access is defined as being available at the Delegates place of business. Documents available through the Internet satisfy this requirement.

The minimum holdings a Delegate must have ready access to are as follows:

  1. Regulatory Standards and Advisories, including:
    1. Aeronautics Act;
    2. Relevant Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) and associated Standards and Advisories;
    3. Aircraft Certification Policy Letters (ACPLs) and Policy Letters (PL);
    4. Aircraft Certification Staff Instructions (ACSIs) and Staff Instructions (SI);
    5. Relevant Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and other foreign regulations appropriate to the aeronautical products within the scope of delegation;
    6. Relevant Advisory Circulars;
    7. Airworthiness Notices;
    8. Relevant Airworthiness Directives; and
    9. Index of Airworthiness Directives or a means to search for relevant ADs.


c. Delegation Handbook

d. Technical References, including:

i. TC and FAA Type Certificate and Supplemental Type Certificate Data Sheets as relevant;

ii. Standard handbooks relevant to the scope of the delegation;

iii. Manufacturer's publications - as relevant to the specific project;

iv. RTCA/SAE/Mil standards - as applicable.

Delegates may utilize the non-proprietary holdings of the Airworthiness Technical Reference Centers located in each Region, however, this does not constitute ready access.

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