Policy Letter (PL)

Appendix A - Accepted IFR Approach Capable GPS Equipment



Hardware Part No.

Software Part No. / Version1

Additional AFM Limitations*

Date Accepted

Bendix/King KLN 89B   Version ORS-01    
  KLN 90B   Version ORS-20    
  KLN 94 GPS Navigator 069-01034-0101 Version 01/01   Jan. 16, 2001
  KLN 900   Version ORS-01    
Garmin GPS 155   Version 3.06    
  GPS 155xl   Version 2.0x2    
  GPS 165   Version 3.06    
  GNS 430   Version 2.07
(Main SW)
  GNS 530        
Ilmorrow/UPS 2001/2101 NMC   Version 5.0    
Aviation Technologies GX50/GX60   Version 2.1    
Trimble TNL 2000 Approach   Version 237   Dec. 17, 1996
  TNL 2101 Approach   Version 237   Dec. 17, 1996
  TNL 2101 I/O
  Version 238   Dec. 17, 1996
  TNL 8100   Version 003A    

* In addition to any limitations outlined in FAA AC 20-138.
1 Or later version approved by TC or FAA.
2 The "x" may be 0 to 9 and typically denotes a minor software change.

software versions, that have been found acceptable for IFR approach operations. The list is retained for reference purposes.

All TSO-C129 equipment identified on the list, and all TSO-C129a equipment, may be installed and certified for IFR approach operations. TSO-C129 equipment that is not identified on the list cannot be certified for IFR approach operations.

For Canadian-designed certified GPSs, it is necessary to consult the Appliance Type Certificates, which can be found on the below Transport Canada Internet website:



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