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Definition of Safety

At Transport Canada, we take our role in aviation safety very seriously and are continuously looking for ways to make the skies safer for everyone. We take pride in our work, knowing that we are helping improve aviation safety not only for you and your family but also for our own families. Even though Canada already has an enviable aviation safety record, we know that we must continue to strive for the highest level of safety - everyday. That's why Transport Canada continues to introduce new safety regulations and to inspect aviation companies.

Safety: Is the condition to which risks are managed to acceptable levels.

Magnifying GlassFor the purposes of the Civil Aviation program and to bring our strategic goals into focus, Transport Canada Civil Aviation defines safety as the condition where risks are managed to acceptable levels.

A safe transportation system is an essential element of the Government of Canada’s commitment to protect the health and well being of Canadians. To support this commitment, Transport Canada’s vision is: A transportation system in Canada that is recognized worldwide as safe and secure, efficient and environmentally responsible.

The department’s vision statement is guided, in part, by the principle: Highest practicable safety and security of life and property guided by performance-based standards and regulations when necessary.

However, safety is not something that can be absolutely guaranteed. How we manage risk in aviation or what we do to prevent accidents from occurring in the first place becomes the logical and necessary focus of our endeavours.

Mission Statement

BoardroomA VISION for Civil Aviation:

An Integrated and Progressive Civil Aviation System that Promotes a Pro-Active Safety Culture

Civil Aviation sees itself as a progressive organization structured to better adapt to future challenges. It operates within an integrated culture which will enable it to meet the needs of Canadians, and where all parts of the organization and the industry collaborate pro-actively to improve aviation safety in Canada.

A MISSION STATEMENT for Civil Aviation:

Transport Canada Civil Aviation’s definition of safety translates into our mission:

To develop and administer policies and regulations for the safest civil aviation system for Canada and Canadians using a systems approach to managing risks.

A systems approach to risk management promotes transparent processes that establish clear lines of accountability for decision-making. An acceptable level of risk is determined on a case-by-case basis through a sophisticated risk assessment process.

Civil Aviation's Business Model

Transport Canada Civil Aviation has adopted a business model to deliver and manage its program. It applies equally to safety as to other, broader management issues. [More...]