Aviation Safety Award

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The Transport Canada Aviation Safety Award (the Award) recognizes persons, groups, companies, organizations, agencies or departments that have contributed, in an exceptional way, to aviation safety in Canada.


The Award, a certificate signed by the Minister of Transport, is normally presented to the recipient the week of 
National Aviation Day
(February 23).

Aviation Safety Award Eligibility

Any individual, group, company, organization, agency or department may be nominated for this Award. A nominee must be a Canadian-owned organization or a resident of Canada.

Nomination Categories

Nominations must demonstrate that the contribution to aviation safety meets at least one of the following:

  1. A demonstrated commitment and an exceptional dedication to Canadian aviation safety over an extended period of time (three years or longer);
  2. The successful completion of a program or research project that has had a significant impact on Canadian public aviation safety;
  3. An outstanding act, effort, contribution or service to aviation safety.