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Summary of the Director General Civil Aviation, Martin J. Eley's address to the Canadian Business Aviation Association

On July 7th 2011, the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Martin J. Eley, addressed the participants at the annual convention of the Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA). His address focused on the transition of business aviation oversight responsibilities from the CBAA to Transport Canada. The ensuing discussion was a learning experience for all involved; stakeholders raised issues that are top of mind for them and the DG used the opportunity to articulate TC’s future direction.

In his address, Mr. Eley endeavoured to mitigate some of the expectations regarding the transition and acknowledged a request by CBAA members to document the expectations for inspectors and operators. Moreover, Mr. Eley emphasized that Transport Canada Civil Aviation provides more than 200 unique services to Canada's aviation community and other government departments. Services offered to business aviation operators by TC will be different from those previously offered by CBAA.

Given the complexity of the transition, Mr. Eley highlighted a few areas of accomplishment, including: TC's decision to appoint an Associate Director of Operations in each regional office throughout Canada, strengthening the aviation safety oversight program in the regions and enhancing services to the business aviation community. Mr. Eley also called attention to the issuance of an interim order and Temporary Private Operator Certificates, citing that as of today Transport Canada has issued Temporary Private Operator Certificates to nearly all applicants who previously held a CBAA equivalency. In addition, Mr. Eley noted a number of operator exemptions that were under way. For each of these accomplishments, Mr. Eley stressed that TC employees have worked tirelessly to move this transition forward and that he was proud of each employee and the work they have done.

One of the key messages that Mr. Eley left with the participants was the importance of co-operation between TC and CBAA. He stressed that this relationship will be key in identifying issues, inconsistencies, and providing clarity during the transition.

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