Conversion agreement between U.S. and Canadian officials

Licence Conversion Agreement between U.S.A. and Canada

An Implementation Procedures for Licensing (IPL) agreement between the Canadian and United States civil aviation licensing authorities outlines conditions that will allow applicants to convert their FAA certificate to a TCCA licence or vice versa in the aeroplane and rotorcraft-helicopter categories for the private, commercial, and airline transport licensing levels. The IPL also allows the conversion of aircraft type, aeroplane class and instrument ratings. Complying with this Agreement allows pilots to convert  their licences or certificates with greater ease rather than meeting all the requirements of the other state’s regulations.

Holders of a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) airman certificate who wish to obtain an equivalent Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) pilot licence using the current agreement, should read the appropriate Advisory Circular listed below:

Note: TCCA pilot licence holders wanting to convert to a FAA certificate are required to comply with “Pilot Licence Verification of Authenticity and Eligibility Requirements” listed in the FAA Advisory Circular - Conversion Procedures and Processes for FAA Airman Certificates at the following website:




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