General Aviation Policy Letters


GAPL 2004-01

Task:  To Be Performed by ATS Personnel and ATS Authorized Persons



To ensure that Air Traffic Controllers meet the experience, knowledge and skill requirements prior to the issuance of Licences in accordance with the applicable regulations, standards and policies, and to ensure the timely issuance of Licences.


For each Licence rating, review the applicable and verify by confirming documentation that all the medical, experience, knowledge and skill requirements as set forth in the standard have been met, and fees paid in accordance with the regulations. ATS Authorized Persons will forward completed applications to the Regional Air Navigation Services and Airspace ATS Specialists for processing. The ATS Specialists will then forward on to General Aviation for licence issue.

Required Documentation

  • Application (26-0145) Note: Documentation to be Original or Certified True Copies
  • Progress report (26-0130 or 28-0131)
  • Appropriate Fee - CAR 104.01
  • Proof of Citizenship - CAR 422.03 Licences (1)(a)(i)
  • Proof of Age - CAR 422.03 Licences (1)(b)(i)
  • Proof of Medical Fitness - CAR 422.03 Licences (1)(b)(ii)
  • Copy of Temporary Permit/Licence form (26-0330)


  1. Verify application is filled out correctly and completely.
  2. If Part C of the application has been completed, verify the following:
  • The additional rating should agree with Part A of the application form.
  • Only a person authorized to issue the temporary privileges may sign as the Authorized Person. Ensure the Authorized Person has included their licence or file number.

3. Verify all requirements are met:

  • Age: Minimum of 19 years - CAR 422.03 Licences (1)(b)(i)
  • Citizenship Document on File, or attach if a new applicant.
  • Medical Fitness and Validity: Valid Category 2 or 1 - CAR 422.03 Licences (1)(b)(ii)
  • Knowledge: confirm successful completion of training by an institution recognized by the Minister as being qualified - CAR 422.03 Licences (1)(b)(iii).
  • Experience: - confirm successful completion of approved ATC training course CAR 422.03 Licences (1)(b)(iv).
  • Language: - confirm language requirements are met CAR 402.03(3) and (4).

4. Review file for additional ratings to be applied to licence.

5. Verify applicable fee has been collected.

6. Complete applicable sections of Part D of the application.

7. Once you are satisfied that all the requirements have been met, sign and date the application form authorize the issue of the licence.

8. Forward the application package to General Aviation, Personnel Licensing for licence issue.

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