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GAPL 2004-03

This Policy Letter supersedes GAPL 2004-02 dated 2004-07-15.

Please note that the effective date of new flight test guides is changed to April 1st, 2005.


Pilot Examiner Program


Set out policy and procedures to be followed in re-appointing Designated Flight Test Examiners (DFTE) as Pilot Examiners (PE).


Pilot Examiner Manual (TP 14277E)


The DFTE program has been in effect since 1974. DFTEs conduct pilot flight tests on behalf of the Minister and provide a valuable service to Transport Canada, the flight training industry and pilots across Canada. The program has been successful in achieving it's main objective, namely to provide prompt, local and efficient flight testing service to the aviation industry.

The term 'pilot examiner' more accurately describes the work done by these delegates on behalf of the Minister. They examine pilots, not flight tests. The term pilot examiner is also more widely recognized internationally.

Beginning November 1, 2004, all Designated Flight Test Examiners will be re-appointed as Pilot Examiners and TP 14277E - Designated Flight Test Examiner Manual will be re-published as the Pilot Examiner Manual.

The Pilot Examiner Manual consists of a core module outlining the accreditation process, examiner responsibilities, principles of evaluation and the general conduct of flight tests. A series of modules provide guidance for specific flight tests.

In order to effect the change from Designated Flight Test Examiner to Pilot Examiner, all existing DFTEs will be re-appointed. All initial examiner appointments will continue to be valid until the first day of the 13th month following appointment. Renewals for all appointments will be valid until the first day of the twenty-fifth month following appointment. Existing DFTEs will be re-appointed until the anniversary date of their present appointment but for a period not exceeding 24 months.

Effective April 1st, 2005, revisions of the six flight test guides will require distribution of new versions of the flight test report forms. These are:

  • 26-0064 (0310-03) - PPL(A)
  • 26-0657 (1310-04) - CPL(A) New
  • 26-0235 (1310-03) - PPL(H), CPL(H)
  • 26-0495 (1310-07) - RPP(A)
  • 26-0250 (0310-07) - Multi-engine Rating
  • 26-0526 (1310-04) - Instrument Rating

The new report forms will be available from Datamark and may be procured in the same manner as previous versions.

A new FTAE version has been developed and will be ready for the 'switch-over' on the effective date. A new database date range will be used for analysis of flight tests scanned after the effective date.


From the effective date forward all existing Designated Flight Test Examiners (DFTE) will be known as Pilot Examiners (PE) and will be subject to the policies outlined in the Pilot Examiner Manual.

Beginning the effective date, new Pilot Examiners will be selected and receive training according to the procedures set out in the PE Manual. The new version of the Letter of Accreditation will be issued upon successful completion of the training.

Current examiners will be issued new letters of accreditation, including the new agreement and expiry date for their authorities. Completion of this transition must be accomplished by December 1st, 2004. A sample letter of accreditation is attached.

New flight test report forms will be distributed to all examiners to ensure the correct forms are available on the effective date.

Effective Date

November 1, 2004

Expiry Date

June 30, 2005

Manzur Huq
General Aviation

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