General Aviation Policy Letters


GAPL 2004-03





[Examiner's Name]
[Examiner's Address]

Authorization and Role:

Accreditation to act as a Pilot Examiner is granted to [Examiner's Name] to conduct flight tests for the following:

[specify the authorities]

Where an examiner is authorized to conduct flight tests for the Instrument Rating, with that additional privilege.

This accreditation is valid [specify the Transport Canada Region within which the examiner is authorized to conduct flight tests, it may specify the boundaries or radii from economic centres, or other limitations such as tying the accreditation to the period of employment with a specific FTU operator, and specify any other limitation imposed by the Region].

When conducting flight tests, a Pilot Examiner will use the same standards, procedures and interpretations applicable to Transport Canada Inspectors accomplishing the same task. The designee is also required to observe all conditions and limitations imposed by the Minister in the accreditation.

This accreditation is valid from [year, month, day] to [year, month, day].

Statement of Acceptance of Responsibilities and Obligations:

  1. I understand that accreditation as a Pilot Examiner is a privilege and not a right and may be cancelled or suspended for breach of a condition of issuance, administrative reason or for any other reason set out in sections 6.9 to 7.1 of the Aeronautics Act.

  2. I understand, accept, and will carry out the function of a Pilot Examiner on behalf of the Minister in accordance with the powers, duties, and functions contained in the applicable regulations, standards, policies, guidelines, and procedures;

  3. I understand and accept the responsibilities and obligations as detailed in this Agreement and the Pilot Examiner Manual TP 14277E;

  4. I will ensure that a flight test candidate meets the prerequisites pursuant to CAR section 401.14 - Flight Test Prerequisites as described in the applicable Flight Test Guide;

  5. I will ensure that aircraft used for flight tests meet the requirements of CAR 602.07 - Aircraft Operating Limitations, CAR 605.06 - Aircraft Equipment Standards and Serviceability, and CAR 405.23 - Training Aircraft Requirements;

  6. I will exercise all reasonable duty and care to ensure safe flight by intervening or taking control of an aircraft when any action or lack of action by the candidate jeopardizes safety;

  7. I will assess a flight test candidate's performance in accordance with the qualification standards in the appropriate Flight Test Guide;

  8. I will complete the required administrative procedures as outlined in the Pilot Examiner Manual;

  9. I understand that I have the authority to initiate the suspension of privileges of a rating for which a flight test candidate failed to meet the qualification standards;

  10. I will remain knowledgeable in the flight testing specialty and in the applicable standards, policies and procedures;

  11. I will attend Transport Canada sponsored training as required;

  12. I will co-operate with Transport Canada exercising this delegated authority.
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