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What we do

The Management Services Branch is the key horizontal integrator and is responsible for the development and maintenance of the management processes and systems for Civil Aviation (CA). Services of the Branch are provided from three perspectives: the Department, the CA Program and CA headquarters.  

Specifically, the Branch has the following key responsibilities:

  • Establishment and management of the integrated planning process for Civil Aviation including the design of the processes and reporting on Civil Aviation-wide planning, monitoring and reporting documents (e.g., Departmental Performance Review (DPR) Report on Plans and Priorities (RPP)) and financial processes including resource analysis and advice.
  • Strategic Human Resources (HR) activities such as analysis, reporting, recruitment and retention including the development and management of learning products and services.
  • Management and delivery of Headquarter (HQ) client services including administration, human resources and finance.
  • Development of Civil Aviation Information Technology (IT) strategies and plans including applications and other IT solutions.
  • Provision of multimedia product development activities and technical services for the Safety and Security Group and the Department.

The Management Services Branch is made up of seven (7) separate and distinct divisions, each with its own specific and unique set of responsibilities. 


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Strategic Business Planning
Management Systems
Centralized Administrative Services
Application Development and Technology Management
Multimedia Products and Services
Business Management

Strategic Business Planning

The role of the Strategic Business Planning Division is to establish and manage the integrated business planning process for Civil Aviation, which includes both the design of the process and each of the constituent components and key content elements such as performance measures. The Division is responsible for Civil Aviation reporting in the Departmental Performance Review (DPR), Report on Plans and Priorities (RPP) and other Civil Aviation-wide planning and reporting documents. The Division is also responsible for establishing the financial processes within Civil Aviation and conducting resource analysis and for the provision of advice to senior management on key resource and planning issues. This division interface with Transport Canada Corporate Services, Program Services in the Headquarters branches and the regions.

People Management and Learning  

People Management and Learning Division is responsible for strategic Human Resources (HR) activities such as competency development, Career Review Board (CRB) Secretariat, Human Resources (HR) planning, analysis and reporting, recruitment and retention and a learning strategy as well as specific learning, training and development activities such as needs analysis, design, development, delivery and evaluation and validation.

Management Systems

The Management Systems Division is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of key Civil Aviation-wide management systems such as Information Management Services (IMS), quality assurance (QA), performance measurement, risk management and information management. The Division will also be responsible for the development of the standards, key processes, staff instructions and tools, and for the provision of functional advice associated with Civil Aviation management systems.

Centralized Administrative Services

The Centralized Administrative Services Division is responsible for the centralized delivery of financial, administrative and Human Resources transaction services to all Headquarter (HQ) branches. The delivery of transaction services will be provided through Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with the various HQ branches.

Application Development and Technology Management

The Application Development and Technology Management Division is responsible for the oversight of Civil Aviation Information Systems. The Division provides technical and strategic advice to internal and external clients, colleagues, and senior management. The Division also provides development and maintenance of a portfolio of over 60 national informatics applications in a variety of environments and configurations.

Multimedia Products and Services

The role of the Multimedia Products and Services Division (MPS) is to provide and maintain a complete “in-house” product production capability. MPS services will include management, design, contracting, production and distribution of all Transport Canada publications, products and forms. These products include a full range of printed materials such as manuals, brochures, forms, posters, and newsletter, interactive multimedia products such as CD-ROMs, DVDs and videos, web-ready products and technologies, such as Flash, web video and e-Learning products and departmental promotional items. It is the issuing authority for all Transport Canada (TC) Inspector Credentials including biometric requirements, clothing and specialty equipment. These services are provided to all of the Safety and Security Group and other TC Groups.

Business Management

The Business Management Division has Branch-wide responsibility and is the key liaison with the Management Services Branch and Issues Division within the Civil Aviation Secretariat Branch. It is responsible for all Human Resources (HR) and financial planning and analysis as well as the preparation of the Integrated Business Plan of the Branch and for ensuring that key management systems, including the Quality Assurance (QA) processes are in place and consistent with the processes established by the Management Services Branch.

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