Advisory Circular (AC) No. 107-001

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Guidance on Safety Management Systems Development

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This Advisory Circular (AC) is provided for information and guidance purposes.  It may describe an example of an acceptable means, but not the only means of demonstrating compliance with regulations and standards. This AC on its own does not change, create, amend or permit deviations from regulatory requirements nor does it establish minimum standards.

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this AC is to provide guidance on some of the ways SMS can be implemented in large, complex organizations.

1.2 Applicability

This document applies to certificate holders required to have a safety management system in accordance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) Part 1.

1.3 Description of Changes

Not applicable.


2.1 Reference Documents

The following reference materials were used in the development of this document:

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2.2 Cancelled Documents

As of the effective date of this document, the following documents are cancelled:

Transport Publication (TP) 13881, Revision 1, dated 2002-03-01 - Safety Management Systems for Flight Operations and Aircraft Maintenance Organizations.

2.3 Definitions and Abbreviations

The following definitions and abbreviations are used in this document:

  1. CAD means Civil Aviation Document

  2. CARs means Canadian Aviation Regulations

  3. SMS means Safety Management System

  4. TC means Transport Canada

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